«Подъем Дальнего Востока это наш национальный приоритет на весь XXI век»
«На Дальнем Востоке созданы беспрецедентные условия экономического развития территории»
Powers and Functions

Powers and Functions

Powers and duties
Goals and objectives

The Ministry for Development of Russian Far East performs the following functions on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District:


  • Activities for the implementation of State programs and Federal targeted programs, including long-term ones, stipulated by the list approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.


  • Federal property (with the exception of the forest resources and specially protected nature reserves of federal significance, and also property complexes of open joint-stock companies, Federal state enterprises included in the list of strategic enterprises and strategic joint stock companies approved by the President of the Russian Federation).

1. Creation and development of the Far East territories of advanced social and economic development (TADs) and a free port having favorable conditions for attracting investments:

  • Creation of new TADs;
  • Concluding agreements with TADs residents;
  • Construction of TADs residents’ objects;
  • Spending public funds appropriated for the creation of TADs infrastructure;
  • Concluding agreements with residents of the free port of Vladivostok.

2. Facilitating the implementation of investment projects in the FEFD:

  • Government infrastructural support of investment projects;
  • Granting tax benefits to participants of regional investment projects in the Far East;
  • Development of new government support mechanisms for investment projects implemented in the Far East;
  • Government support of investment projects in the field of aquatic bio-resources processing in the Far East;
  • Government support of investment projects in the field of forest development in the Far East.

3. Attracting and consolidating human resources to the Far East, providing citizens with land plots free of charge («Far Eastern hectare»):

  • Free provision to citizens of the Russian Federation of land plots, which are in the state or municipal ownership and located in the territories of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Kamchatka territory, Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, the Amur region, Magadan Region, Sakhalin Region, the Jewish Autonomous Region, and Chukotka Autonomous District.

4. Creating an effective system for the management and development of the Far East, by coordinating the activities of government authorities, development institutions and business entities:

  • Working out long-term plans for the integrated socio-economic development of priority cities;
  • Raising Federal budget funds on priority projects and activities within the framework of the industry target programs;
  • Implementation in the Far East of activities in the field of ensuring accessibility to priority facilities and services in priority areas of the life of disabled people and other low-mobility groups of population, as well as creation of professional educational organizations for citizens with disabilities.