“The development of the Far East is our national priority for the entire 21st century.”
“Changes in the legislation developed by the Government contribute to strengthening the investment appeal of the Far East”
“The Russian Far East has created unprecedented conditions for the economic development of the region.”

Denis Vladimirovich Tikhonov

Denis Vladimirovich Tikhonov title=


Graduated from Tula State University with degrees in Economics and Cybernetics.

In 2000 – 2007 worked in Aleksin town and district administration, progressing from a specialist of 1st class of the Committee on the Economy to Deputy Head of the Aleksin district for Economy and Finance.

In this period of time, the district implemented the first project of the concession for the development of energy networks using the mechanisms of public-private partnership, built a new modern manufacturing facility by name Aleksinsky Glass, commissioned a new bridge across the Oka River, created over 700 new jobs, increased the volume and quality of passenger and cargo transportation, as well as the revenues of budgets of all levels. 

In 2007, he was appointed director of the Department of Economic Development and Investments of the Administration of the Tula Region. He was directly involved in the implementation of the Industrial Complex of the City of Novomoskovsk (Tula Region) project. The project included opening a new railway bridge across the Lyubovka river, building a new railway station by name Promgipsovaya, completing the construction of Tula-Novomoskovsk highway. 

In 2011, Denis Tikhonov was entered the civil service in the government of the Tula Region, where he was Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Tula Region and in 2012 -December 2014 he served as Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Tula Region. 

From 2010, the growth of investment in fixed capital from all sources of financing amounted to 33.4 per cent ($12 billion), the growth of industrial production exceeded 50%, the gross regional product increased by 52%. Only in 2014 the revenues of the budget of the Tula Region increased by 26%. 

In 2013, Denis Tikhonov was awarded the second-class medal of the Order for Merits before Fatherland. 

In January 2015, he became the head of the Corporation of the Tula Region development JSC, and simultaneously received the status of authorized investment representative of the Tula Region government. In the same year, by the results of the National rating of the investment climate in the Regions of RF prepared by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), the Tula Region ranked among the top ten in the country by the creation of favorable business conditions. 

In 2016, Denis Tikhonov was awarded the Silver Medal for Special Contribution to the Development of the Tula Region. He is in the administrative personnel pool, which is under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation. In January 2006 he was appointed to head the Corporation for the Development of the Far East JSC. 

As a result of his efforts, at the end of 2016, the corporation signed 111 agreements with residents on the implementation of activities in the TADs, with a total amount of investments at RUR 434.8 bln., and 118 agreements on the implementation of the activities by the residents of the free port of Vladivostok, with a total investment of RUR 183.5 bln. He also contributed to the creation of 5 new territories of advanced of advanced social and economic development, provision of technological connection to engineering networks in accordance with 12 agreements.