«Подъем Дальнего Востока это наш национальный приоритет на весь XXI век»
«На Дальнем Востоке созданы беспрецедентные условия экономического развития территории»


Structure of the Ministry for the development of the Russian Far East


A.O. Chekunkov

First Deputy Minister

G.G. Guseinov

Department of Infrastructure Projects (Infrastructure Department)

S.A. Utyasheva, I.Yu. Makanova

Office of Transport Infrastructure 

N.V. Ganchikhin

Office of Energy Infrastructure
A.E. Razygraev

Office of Infrastructure Projects

M.R. Gabbasov

Office of International Transport Corridors

O.V. Roy

Department of Advanced Special Economic Zones (ASEZ) and the Free Port of Vladivostok

A.N. Fedotovsky, V.V. Rudenko, D.G. Ivin, K.S. Smirnov, V.S. Eksuzian

Office of ASEZ Establishment and Work with Residents

I.A. Chernov

Office of ASEZ Administration

E.S. Terekhova

Office of Operations and Control of JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East”

N.E. Afanasyev

Office of Free Ports 

A.V. Zadoya

Office of Capital Construction

D.A. Nevzorov

Deputy Minister

A.Yu. Bobrakov

Department of Human Capital Development and Territorial Development (Social Department)

G.V. Smolyak, K.V. Zakupnev, М.Е. Fursova, M.M. Shirokova, A.S. Vlasov

Office of Social Projects and Public Initiatives

M.V. Sholokhova

Office of Land Relations and Territorial Planning

A.I. Demidova

Office of Regional Economics, Prospective Development of Selected Industries and Border Territories

V.Yu. Andreeva

Office of Demographic Policy, Monitoring and Forecasting of Human Resources, Personnel Training

T.V. Pozhidaev
Office of Human Capital Development and Labor Mobility
S.K. Efimova

Deputy Minister

М.М. Shamyunov

Department of Private Investment Development (Investment Department)

Yu. N. Kosareva, S.P. Leskov, M.V. Zavyalov, D.A. Yudin, M.N. Abzaeva

Office of Investment Development

A.V. Utkin

Office of International Cooperation

V.E. Simonenko

Office for the Development of Priority Industries

Ya. M. Ryzhkova

Office of Inspection and Analytics

E.S. Shmaukova

Office of Financial Support for Investment Projects

A.S. Opeikin

State Secretary - Deputy Minister

P.M. Volkov

Department of Legal Support and Inspection (Legal Department)

P.V. Pustelenin, E.V. Pokidova, D.A. Yakovenko, L.A. Kanaeva, M.N. Prokhorov

Office for the Development of Economic Legislation, Anticorruption Expertise of Regulatory Legal Acts

S.R. Alyokhina

Inspection Office

T.A. Tsabiev

Office of Legal Support and Inspection for Construction of ASEZ Facilities

E.G. Temnokhudova

Office for Legislative Activity

A.V. Sergeeva

Department of Business Administration (Organizational Department)

A.D.Babyshev , A.V. Grib, O.A Tsareva, A.A. Chiblis, K.I. Belov, L.A. Ponomareva

Office of Public Procurement

E.V. Shein

Office of Corruption Prevention

I.E. Bykova

Office of Information Support (press service)

A.A. Elash

Office of Material and Technical Support

O.V. Tsitsinov

Office of Information Technologies

V.V. Bugrov

Office of Organizational Support

V.B. Lidzhi-Garyaeva

Office of State and Civil Service

E.V. Lakerbaia

Office of Documentary Support and Monitoring of Execution of Instructions

A.V. Peruanskaya

Office of Protocol

T.L. Timina

Deputy Minister

Department of Complex Macro-Regional Development, Development of Budgetary Financing and Public Investments (Budget Department)

N.V. Burdanova, D.S. Nikiforov, Т.В. Emelyanova, D.G. Lyamin, P.A. Drobniy

Office of Budgetary Financing and State Investment Development

Yu.D. Minaeva

Office of State Programs

E.V. Skaptsova

Office of Budget Planning 

A.V. Tochilova

Office of Financing, Budgetary Accounting and Reporting

A.O. Dudareva

Assistants to the Minister

O.V. Sokolova, E.E. Gorchakova

Advisers to the Minister
S.V. Davydov,  K.A. Tsyganov

Office for the Protection of State Secrets

V.G. Kwiatkowski

Office of Mobilization Training

S. P. Chursin