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Aleksandr Galushka Invited Chinese Journalists to EEF-2018

Aleksandr Galushka, Minister of Development of Russian Far East, invited journalists from Chinese mass-media to the Eastern economic forum at the 22nd regular meeting of the chief executives from two countries. There he told the journalists about the performance of Ministry of Development of Russian Far East in Beijing.

"You are welcome to visit the Eastern economic forum for covering it. You will get an opportunity to see Vladivostok and experience the Far East. For visiting the forum you need an e-Visa. You can obtain it at the special MFA website by filling in the form. The answer will be ready within 4 days, after that please take your ID and come for 8 days. Chinese citizens have such an opportunity. The 4th Forum will be held in 2018. The Chinese delegation was twice fronted by Mr. Wang Yang, Vice Premier of State Council of the People's Republic of China. We are always open for co-operation with our Chinese partners and we build upon active participating of representatives of the People's Republic of China in EEF-2018", noted Aleksandr Galushka, Minister of Development of Russian Far East.

The 4th Eastern economic forum will be held on September 6-7, 2018. The dates of EEF-2018 are based on the schedule of multilateral international events. As usually, the forum will be held at the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University at Russkii Island in Vladivostok.

"Our whole team, which is working on the Far East, is up to showing the improvements in developing the macroregion at every Eastern economic forum: new application and improvement of procedures. The dynamics of three Eastern economic forums proved that", noted Aleksandr Galushka, Minister of Development of Russian Far East.

It should be mentioned that the Eastern economic forum has become a significant global event. This year 83 events took place within the 3rd EEF. 217 agreements for RUB 2,496 trillions have been signed (only agreements with a public price are stated).

 Written by: Vasileva Evgeniia
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