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Vladimir Putin: FEFU can Become One of Educational Centers in Asia-Pacific Region

In his article The 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Danang: Together Towards Prosperity and Harmonious Development Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, expressed his opinion that Far Eastern Federal University can become one of the educational centers of the Asia-Pacific Region.

The President called FEFU a significant educational center at the former 3rd Eastern economic forum.

"Currently Far Eastern Federal University is one of the advanced and modern educational institutions in Russia and also a center for development of digital technologies. It should be mentioned that the demand for skilled staff, in particular, for trade, will increase in the region. It's important to create the human resource base for future plants here, in the Far East", noted Vladimir Putin.

In follow-up of the meeting of the State Council general committee Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, instructed the Government of Russia to address the following issues by the 1st of December: construction of second stage facilities on Russkii Island for developing Far Eastern Federal University, creation of an international academic and technology clusters and establishment of a global-scale campus.

"Far Eastern Federal University is one of the growing-points where the development potential of the whole Far East is concentrated. Everyone should understand that our country strongly depends of the quality of education and investment into science. We have to create such conditions so budding scientists both from Russian and abroad would compete for working at FEFU and the university would become the best among the higher educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region and in the world", underlined Aleksandr Galushka, Minister of Development of Russian Far East.

According to Liudmila Tabaleva, member of Council of the Federation Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management and senator of Primorskii Krai FEFU shall become the best higher educational institution not only in Russian, but in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

"There are only ten federal universities in Russia. One of them is in the Far East, in Primorskii Krai. It was established as a countrywide university. Now a lot of foreign students are studying there. A scientific and an educational cluster together with a main library will be established on Russkii Island. Now the largest global events take place at FEFU. I'm sure that further development of the higher educational institution will be aimed on making it the best university not only in Russia, but among the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region", noted Liudmila Tabaleva.

According to Nikita Anisimov, Acting Rector of FEFU, development of this higher educational institution will persuade the gifted youth to stay in the Far East.

"The global competition between universities is very high now. The quality of education, the level and range of opportunities in educational centers at the premises of leading universities play a drastic role in promoting gifted people and the youth and gaining leadership in the technology sphere. The FEFU project is younger than 10 years old, so not all plans of going global have been implemented yet. That's why it's so important to develop the existing infrastructure of the university and to create the new one. The concept of developing Russkii Island approved by the Government in May and the instruction of the President in follow-up of the meeting of the State Council general committee started the mature stage of developing the university. Now we can create a full-scale campus in the Eastern Russian capital at the heart of the Asia-Pacific Region", underlined Nikita Anisimov.

As the Acting Rector mentioned, "FEFU has already received new opportunities for learning the younger generation and developing science on a global scale". "An innovative range of technological companies and start-ups has appeared around the university. It can respond to time challenges, create new frontiers and groundbreaking high-tech projects, serve as a spectacular example of the intellectual and technological power of our country", noted Nikita Anisimov.

It should be mentioned that in May this year the Government of Russia has approved the concept of developing Russkii Island executed by the Ministry of Development of Russian Far East.

It provides construction of FEFU second stage including new academic buildings, laboratories, a main library, a military training center, a business incubator and offices for technology and knowledge-intensive companies. Also it's planned to construct dwelling and public amenities. Besides that, the document provides placing sporting venues on Russkii Island for preparing to the Olympic Games.

Russkii Island will attract high-tech projects and companies to the Far East. The concept provides creation of a marine biotechnopark. It will serve as a site for using, testing and certifying Russian and foreign high-tech systems, including robotics technology, marine facilities and drone systems. This will be also backed by creating the Far Eastern Fund for High-Tech Development and Implementation.

The concept of developing Russkii Island also provides construction of a Center for International Co-operation there. It will include a congress and exhibition center, in particular, for holding annual Eastern economic forums, business centers and contemporary hotels.

Written by: Vasileva Evgeniia
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