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Russia Launches Hectare Online Marketplace

The Far Eastern Hectare marketplace was presented today, on the 8th of November at the conference on cooperation and small entrepreneurship in Khabarovsk. According to Valentin Timakov, Director General of Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, the Hectare Online platform will be profitable for the participants of the federal program and will accelerate land development in the Far East.

According to Evgeniia Loginova, Senior Vice President of Banking Technologies BPC, the concept of a unified trading platform will provide the recipients of Far Eastern Hectares with all necessary resources for land plot development within the shortest time period.  

"Hectare Online Marketplace is the only informational technological initiative connecting recipients of Far Eastern land and goods and service suppliers including banks, logistics companies, accountants etc. for accelerating economic development and product sale. This resource solves two problems at a time - direct access to needed resources and sales of the products. The platform provides an opportunity for recipients of Far Eastern Hectares and local small entrepreneurs or middle-sized companies to open an online store and make the goods available not only inside the country, but also abroad. They can manage the warehouse and make direct purchases from suppliers. Also the platform provides an opportunity to buy commodities on credit which can be provided for a certain purchase or ordered at the marketplace", noted Evgeniia Loginova.

She also added that the platform supported more than 110 activities: from animal breeding and sawing production to tourism so new types of goods and services could be easily added on the platform due to its scale. Together with the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East more than 100 suppliers and several banks have been involved at the platform. At the moment logistics companies and other potential participants are actively invited.

The senior vice president of Banking Technologies BPC underlined that co-operation was one of the key opportunities of the new marketplace.

Hectare Online provides an opportunity to establish cooperatives for common purchasing of various commodities (e.g., machines) or selling products. This allows easy and fast land development without material seeking for suppliers. It's rather important considering the geographical spread of the Far Eastern region", she added.

The e-commerce site was developed using modern IT solutions and best world practices. Ule is its counterpart. It is a Chinese electronic trading platform which allowed small commodity producers from rural regions of the People's Republic of China to increase their sales turnover.

"Our aim is to allow recipients of Far Eastern Hectares to earn money and make land-owning profitable for them. This will accelerate land development so they would become an important part of the economy of the region. The e-commerce site will allow them to open the vast market and supply the best products to any area of Russia and other countries", claimed Evgeniia Loginova.

Valentin Timakov, Director General of Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, underlined that Hectare Online was a free platform for participants of the Far Eastern Hectare program. It will not only aggregate goods and services, but also will create co-operation conditions in the Far East.

It should be recalled that the All-Russian conference on cooperation and small entrepreneurship on the Far Eastern Hectare was held in Khabarovsk on the 8th-9th of November. The event was organized by the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East together with the Government of Khabarovsk Krai.

During the two days the program participants, entrepreneurs and experts will be discussing the principles of establishing a successful cooperative and good practices. Besides that, the program will include an educational unit: cooperation seminars broadcast online on the websites of the Ministry of Development of Russian Far East, Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East and leading profile educational institutions. More than 200 experts took part in the conference. It produced ready-made solutions for involving the recipients of Far Easter Hectares into cooperatives and also created tools for supporting the demand for the products made at the Far Eastern Hectare.

It should be mentioned that previously Aleksandr Galushka, Minister of Development of Russian Far East, has commented on the development of cooperatives at the Far Eastern Hectare: "Imagine there are 200-300 people, who want to establish a cooperative on the area of 200-300 hectares for joint economic activity. We oughtn't to figure out this instead of them because we can't. It's none of our business. We must give such people freedom of actions. They can do everything on that land, unless prohibited by the law. It implements this model.


Written by: Juliia Shatina