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New House Delivered in Svobodnyi

In the city of Svobodnyi (Amur Oblast) a new house with 30 flats has been delivered. Its total area is 2000 square meters. Dwellers of unfit housing facilities moved there. The citizens of Svobodnyi received the keys under the federal program.

The program of relocating is continuing due to the decision of the President of Russia. This year Amur Oblast will get additional funds for implementing the program. We shall do our utmost so that Amur citizens, who are now living in cabins will be relocated to new comfortable houses as soon as possible.

Aleksandr Kozlov, Governor of Amur Oblast

All flats have fine finish, plumbing fixtures and stretch ceilings. The communal hallways are equipped with energy-saving lamps and motion sensors. Besides that, the building is under warranty. Within 5 years the developer is obliged to fix all flaws, if any appear during the house operation.

It should be mentioned that by the rise of 2012 more than 80.4 thousand square meters of dilapidated housing had been registered in Svobodnyi. It's more than in any municipal structure of the region. 

It should be mentioned that this summer Amur Oblast received RUB 370 million more for relocating people from unfit housing facilities. These funds were allocated under the long-range plan of complex socioeconomic development of Svobodnyi approved by the Government of Russia. 4 blocks of flats (among which one is a nine-storied one) will be constructed and delivered in 2018. 

More than 80 square meters of dilapidated housing (396 cabins) is subject to liquidation in Svobodnyi under the Relocation of Citizens from Unfit Housing Facilities due to the Need in Developing Low-Rise Residential Construction municipal targeted program. The program is implemented in several stages. It's planned to relocate the dwellers from 88 dilapidated and unfit blocks of flats with total area more than 16 thousands square meters in 2017. 345 families (606 persons) will receive flats in 2017 and for this year it was also planned to build 7 houses with total area approximately 8000 square meters.

Written by: Aleksei Elash
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