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In Magadan Results of Urban Environment Program were Summarized

The results of implementing the priority national project Creation of a Comfortable Urban Environment were summarized in Magadan Oblast.

At the moment practically all works planned for 2017 have been completed. More than RUB 30 million from the federal budget and more than RUB 40 million from the regional budget were allotted for this.

It was noted that the citizens of Magadan Oblast have participated actively in choosing the objects for rebuilding. Further municipal plans of beautification will be approved and the stock of yards of blocks of flats, squares, parks and other public spaces will be taken. This will become the basis for a five-year program of far-reaching beautification of cities and settlements in Magadan Oblast.

Creation of a Comfortable Urban Environment program is a long-term one. It's known that the federal budget for 2018 provides the same volume of funds for implementing similar measures. From its part, the Government of Magadan Oblast will not reduce the financing of the regional program of supporting municipal structures in beautifying settlements.

Vladimir Pechenyi, Governor of Magadan Oblast


It should be recalled that Far Eastern regions are actively participating in implementing the priority federal project Creation of a Comfortable Urban Environment. It began in all Russian regions upon the initiative of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. The project maximally takes account of citizens' opinions when beautifying urban spaces. 

Previously Sergei Kachaev, Deputy Minister of Development of Russian Far East, mentioned the need to improve the social environment in the cities of the Far East. To his opinion, this will help to consolidate the inhabitants of the Far East in the regions. 

"The quality of sociocultural environment in the Far East is the main question. We ought to create a social environment for the youth to live comfortably and find interesting events", noted Sergei Kachaev. 

Measures for improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Far East have been spelled out in the concept of Far Eastern population policy approved by the Government of Russia.

Written by: Aleksei Elash
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