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Airports of Regions Presented the Project of the Air Passenger Terminal in Kamchatka

The Management Company AO “Airports of Regions” have presented the new project for a construction of passenger terminal of the air terminal complex in Kamchatka. The decision on developing a new project is related to the prospects of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport complex development.

The earlier proposed location of the terminal is limited to existing residential buildings and federal property objects.


We strive to ensure that the air terminal complex to be built at the airport, gave an impetus to the development of transport and tourism components of the region infrastructure. Today we present a new architectural concept on the area of around 30,000 m2 with a passenger traffic capacity up to a million passengers annually. The total construction area of the air terminal complex is currently about 15 hectares, but there is a significant prospect of development.

Andrei Zemlyakov, the director for capital construction at the AO “Airports of Regions”

The new project assumes that the complex will contain a passenger terminal and a number of additional facilities. The terminal itself will be located in the center of the building and occupy most of it. The project also includes a trade center and a mall, hotel for 120 rooms, and a parking for 640 cars. The total amount of private investment in the project will exceed RUB 7.8 bln. The total area of the complex is approximately 34,000 m2, of which the terminal area is 22,000 m2, the hotel area is 7,000 m2, and commercial area is 4.5-5,000 m2. The capacity of the airport is estimated at 750 passengers per hour. The terminal building will resemble a volcano. The investor plans to open a theme park-museum of Kamchatka in the close vicinity of the air terminal.  

We would like to create a full-fledged tourist center here where people will fly to and get everything they need and then they can fly off or drive away to the fascinating places that currently attract tourists to Kamchatka, - says Evgeni Chudnovsky, Director General of Management Company AO “Airports of Regions” Management Company.

The investor is planning to start the active works on the object in the 3d quarter of 2018. The commissioning of the new terminal is scheduled for 2021. 

It should be noted that following the results of the meeting of the State Council in Vladivostok, President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed to make the Far East be more accessible to foreigners. The Far Eastern international airports will be included in the free port regime. The instruction must be fulfilled until the end of the year. Thanks to the expansion of the electronic visa application, the Russian Far East is to become more attractive and accessible for tourists and investors.

By Alexey Elash
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