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Alexander Galushka: 2017 has become a significant year for the development of relations between Russia and China in the Russian Far East

Minister for the development of the Russian Far East Mr. Alexander Galushka highly appreciated the cooperation potential between Russia and China in the Far Eastern Federal District, noting that the cooperation itself might be a lot larger.

“Over 20 projects worth 4 bn USD have come from China to the Russian Far East. These are the first Chinese investors that saw the new opportunities in the Russian Far East, came here, became residents of advanced special economic zones and the Free Port of Vladivostok, recognized these opportunities and started to work. We would suggest that our Chinese partners should move beyond what has been achieved, and actively utilize the incentives and preferences that are already in place for them. The federal Far East Investment and Export Agency is just “around the corner”. The Agency’s office is open in Beijing, similar offices will operate in Harbin and Shanghai. We also suggest that the Chinese investors should come and work, realize their projects and tell their partners that they can do successful business in the Russian Far East” – said Minister Alexander Galushka.

He reminded about the negotiations with the Chinese investors held at the 22nd annual meeting between the heads of the Russian and Chinese governments.

“We signed an agreement with China Paper Corporation on the construction of a pulp and paper plant in Khabarovsk Territory. The amount of investments at the first stage is nearly one and a half billion USD. We agreed with the Chinese partners that next stage will be production of paper and cardboard. This is a landmarking project, and the Chinese investors come not just to chop woods and export round timber, not only to build a timber processing plant, but to make an integrated pulp and paper plant. This agreement has been signed already. Both countries’ premiers, Li Keqiang and Dmitry Medvedev, paid special attention to this project” – said Alexander Galushka.

According to the Minister, 2017 has become a groundbreaking year in the development of international transport corridors Primorye-1 and Primorye-2 that can connect Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces with the southern ports of the Russian Far East.

“It is for the first time in many years that the support for such projects was announced at the top political level. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China said about it during his visit this summer. The relevant agreement has been signed between the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East. And it is not negotiations, but practical work that we are having today. Nowadays a feasibility study is under preparation. A delegation from the Chinese company CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) – a major developer of China – completed a field study of these transport corridors. We agreed that the feasibility study would be completed until the end of February. It is needless to say that the preparation of the feasibility study for a project like this is a new stage of relations. The discussions that the potential is there had lasted for decades, and now we are preparing the feasibility study, we have agreed at the top level to realize the project, we signed relevant documents” – said Alexander Galushka.

Also head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East noted that this year the volume of transit shipments of the Primorye-1 international transport corridor from Heilongjiang to Nakhodka has grown by 4 times. “We are currently studying the resource base and the location for this project. I want to lay stress that this is the proposal of the Chinese partners” – said the Minister.

“The way we have started our work with the Chinese partners means an entirely different dynamics and different quality of projects development. It is a pleasure that 2017 has marked such fruitful cooperation, the year when not words, but business and specific project prevail” – said Alexander Galushka.

Author: Evgeniya Vasilieva
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