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Three New Enterprises Launched in the Free Port of Vladivostok

New residents of the free port are beginning to produce modern types of packaging, adhesive tapes and provide services in the construction industry. They expect to invest about 49.5 million rubles in the implementation of their own projects. Projects will help create more than 1120 jobs.
“Pacific Real Package” started manufacturing retort pouches in Vladivostok intended for packaging of various food products that require a long shelf life. The main partners of the resident will be companies engaged in the food products packaging.

As a material for this manufacturing, a laminate of flexible plastic and metal foils will be used. It allows to create the same conditions of storage and, accordingly, to provide the same terms of realization of foodstuffs, as standard tin cans and glass jars, - says Evgeni Tsvetov, the director of LLC “Pacific Real Package”.

We buy materials from Russian and Korean companies having long-term experience in the market of packaging and packaging supplies. To manufacture of retort pouches, we imported and tested special equipment. A laboratory for controlling ready-made products is being organized. In the future, we plan to conduct a number of measures to bring our manufacturing to the level of international standards in the field of quality management.

Among the main advantages of this product manufactured by the resident of the FPV is reduction of the time of thermal sterilization of food nearly in half, the possibility of warming up the contents of retort pouches in the microwave oven and boiling them, as well as saving on delivery of pouched food products, compared to the use of standard cans.

LLC "Trim" is ready to start manufacturing of 12 varieties of painting edging tape and transparent adhesive tape, i.e. consumables, which are widely used in almost all construction projects.

"Today, as General Director of the company, Maxim Baramovich puts it; “the main suppliers in the market are Chinese manufacturers. Our project to create a painting edging tape and transparent adhesive tape in Vladivostok is designed to ensure the production of high quality products according to consumers’ individual orders and expedite the delivery process.  

Everything is ready for the start: we bought the necessary equipment. It will provide rewinding of tape reels and cutting of board tubes. Later we will purchase a loader”.

LLC "Far Eastern International Engineering Company" provides construction services. The main goal of the project of this FPV resident, which involves Chinese entrepreneurs, is participation in significant investment projects in Primorsky Krai.
"Recently, the volume of construction in the Far East has noticeably decreased, and large Asian companies are not active in this area, although the construction market of China is one of the most developed in the world. We want to use existing opportunities and fill this gap ", - said director general of LLC “FEIEC” Mo Ruopin.

For full-fledged activity, the company has acquired its own equipment: tower cranes, concrete pumps and other equipment, which is already used in the construction of entertainment center and casino in the “Primorye” gambling area.
“We have many effective economic schemes,” - Denis Tikhonov, director general of director general of the JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East” said, - but people are interested in simple things: realized projects and created workplaces. Every resident who assists the regional development at an accelerated pace should receive a high-quality service to implement its project.”  

Let us to remind you, that today in the advanced special economic zones and the free port of Vladivostok 121 enterprises already put into operation. Sixty-seven investment projects were implemented by residents of the SPV and fifty-four by the residents of ASEZ.

At present, JSC "CDFE" interacts in total with 1070 investors, whose investment portfolio exceeds 2.7 trillion rubles. As a result of realization of projects and organization of new manufactures in the Far East will appear about 100 000 working places.

By Oksana Rafalskaya