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Yuri Trutnev Discussed with Chinese Investors in Dalian Aquacultural Projects

Yuri Trutnev, deputy Prime Minister and the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russia in the Far Eastern Federal District met with Qiu Laizhong, the chairman of the company “Dalian Wenlian Aquaculture” during his working trip to China. For implementation in the Russian Far East, the Chinese company has prepared a project for the cultivation and export of sea scallop.
Opening the meeting Yuri Trutnev said: ”We are pleased to welcome the implementation of high-quality investment projects with the participation of our Chinese partners in the Far East and are ready to help companies in this.”
In Russia, “Dalian Wenlian Aquaculture” operates through their subsidiary in the Olginsky district of Primorsky Krai in the Vladimir Bay. They cultivate sea scallops on an area of 1300 hectares and export the product. According to the chairman of the company Mr. Qiu Laizhong, this year they submitted an application for the development of new fish breeding sites with the total area of 900 hectares. The company plans to invest in this project 0.5 billion rubles. In the future, the investor intends to add to the operation fish sites of 4,000 hectares, as well as to build an aquaculture processing plant. The planned total investment amount will be 5 billion rubles. "We believe that in Russia it is possible to use under cultivation of aquaculture about 250 thousand hectares. This is a promising direction. Based on the strategic initiative "The Belt and Road", proposed by the Chinese government, our company reorients itself from North America to Russia. Since May this year we started major investments, including purchase of equipment," Qiu Laizhong said.
The investor raised the issue of the possibility of obtaining additional sites for the development of the project. The Deputy Prime Minister answered that the first electronic auction on the sale of the rights to use the sites for aquaculture in the Far East was held in late July. The first site was sold at bids at the price of 22 times exceeded starting. With the same stir, an auction was held on another 9 sites in August. Electronic auctions were held with the participation of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the development of Russian Far East, the Federal Agency for Fisheries and the “Fund for the development of Russian Far East and the Baikal region” in the development of the order of the President of Russia on comprehensive reform of the industry. Until August 27, it is planned to complete the work on the formation of a full list of the areas available for aquaculture of the seas of the Far East fisheries basin.
Investors can now form sites through an online service using an interactive electronic map of the marine area, as well as submit an electronic application to the Federal Agency for Fisheries to determine the boundaries of the sites and organize electronic auctions. Until 2020, with the use of шnternet service and electronic auctions, it is planned to include into the economic turnover of sites with a total area of up to 100 thousand hectares for aquaculture. The Vice-Premier called on Chinese investors to participate in such auctions, explaining that they are part of an effective transparent mechanism, which is clear to business.
Ensuring the safety of operation is another urgent issue that concerns Chinese companies. The Vice-Premier instructed the leadership of Primorsky Krai to establish a regional company to protect sites of aquaculture facilities. The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the development of Russian Far East took the execution of the assignment under control.
Yuri Trutnev also drew the attention of the representatives of the Chinese company to the possibility of using scientific developments of the Far Eastern Federal University.
The company "Dalian Wenlian Aquaculture" for 30 years is engaged in cultivation, processing and sale of aquaculture products (scallops, trepangs, sea urchins, etc.) for the domestic Chinese market, and for the foreign markets. The annual turnover of the group of companies exceeds 500 million dollars; the annual volume of grown aquaculture products is more than 300 thousand tons. The company conducts business not only in China, but also in Canada and Russia.
Let us remind you, that on August 20-21, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation -Plenipotentiary representative of the President of Russia in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev is in the People's Republic of China (Dalian) on a working visit. The Russian delegation included the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East Alexander Krutikov, governor of Khabarovsk Krai Vyacheslav Spurs, acting Governor of Amur region Vasily Orlov, governor of the Baikal region Natalia Zhdanova, and Leonid Petukhov, Director General of the Far East Agency for Attracting Investment and Export Support, as well as other representatives of the State authorities and business community.

By Eugenia Vasilyeva