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The Resident of ASEZ “Gorni Vozdukh” (Mountain Air) Launches a Sports Training Center

The company “Olymp” (Olympus) has created a sports base for year-round training of athletes and students of sports schools. The cost of this investment project 255 million rubles. It is implemented by agreement with JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East”. Counting on the design stage to create 40 jobs, as a result, the resident company of ASEZ “Gorni Vozdukh” (Mountain Air) increased this number to 56.
The City Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has given the company permission to put into operation the sports complex located in the territory of the recreation camp "Vostok".
“During only one year, we completely converted the premises of the former pioneer camp into 130 hotel-type rooms with a capacity of about 280 people, reconstructed the engineering systems, canteen, and hostel for the staff, constructed the sports complex and made interior decoration of the premises and halls, as well as installed the technological and sports equipment,” said Rodion Kim, director general of OOO “Olymp”.
Thanks to the reconstruction and creation of new planar facilities throughout the complex, athletes and Amateurs will now be able to conduct training and competitions in Boxing, volleyball, basketball, football, and tennis, and hockey players, skate runners and figure skaters will use the ice field with stands for 300 seats all the year round. For skiers, a trail has been laid, which in the summer time can be used to ride bicycles and roller skates. The area of sports grounds is       9,300 square meters. In addition, there is a sauna complex with steam rooms, Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, and contrasting pools.
According to Denis Tikhonov, director general of JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East”, the same tax and administrative benefits apply to residents of ASEZes and SPV: the total amount of insurance premiums for 10 years is reduced to 7.6 %. They have the same tax preferences for land, profits and property. They can use the free customs zone, as well as attract foreign labor without quotas. They are provided with comprehensive administrative support.
To date, 315 residents operate in the territories of advanced development under agreements with JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East”. They implement projects worth more than 2.3 trillion rubles with plans to create 53,815 jobs. Of these, 65 investors of the ASEZes have already launched new enterprises, totally investing 238.5 billion rubles for this and creating about 12,100 jobs.

By Oksana Rafalskaya